Monday, June 3, 2013

Fallen Heroes


SFC Aaron Henderson

Special Forces SFC Aaron Henderson is my friend. This Memorial Day was a sad reminder that on October 2, 2012 he was killed in action in Afghanistan. The actual injury occurred on September 30th when an IED went off during a mission, and he was rushed to Bagram, where after all attempts by our excellent military medical personnel, he died from his wounds on the 2nd. He was a member of 2nd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group – Airborne.  In addition to being a decorated Soldier, Aaron was a good man.

Even though I normally write about Southern things and my love of college football (I guess that’s redundant), Aaron was about as country as they come. I would have never guessed he was born in Maine. He seemed more at home while based in the South, living on the Kentucky/Tennessee border. I think I only saw him once without his old Ford hat…

SFC Aaron Henderson and MAJ Tara Dixon in Iraq 2010

The website does an excellent job of summing up our fallen forces’ military history, and you can find SFC Henderson's record and awards there. I am so grateful that some Americans remember that we are still at war. Sometimes, it seems that all is well and things have calmed down, but our brothers and sisters are still deployed in deadly combat. Aaron was one of those brothers. He, like 6,648 other loyal members of our United States Armed Forces, gave the ultimate sacrifice in OIF and OEF. Aaron gave his life so you and I may enjoy the freedoms we have. A short tribute to Aaron and two other fallen heroes can be viewed at: .

I didn’t grow up with Aaron, and I certainly don’t know even a quarter of all the things he’s done for this country. We did, however, spend many months together in a very intense situation, and we became close friends. I am grateful to have known him. Aaron had a subtle sense of humor and was always smiling. He helped out whenever and however he could – no matter what. Don’t get me wrong, like all of our Special Forces, he was a badass. He was also a gentleman. Aaron was respectful and kind, and he also knew how to have a laugh every now and then. :~) I enjoyed everything from hanging out with him on the porch to the one time we were able to play volleyball together (and lose horribly). Aaron was a good man, missed by many.

This short post is intended to remind folks that we should never forget our heroes – from the American Revolution and World War I to the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars – who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I am grateful for them all, and I do not take my freedom for granted.

Aaron – thank you; I love and miss you; and one day we’ll battle it out over a cornhole game once again.

Tara Dixon – deployed to Iraq, personally serving with my brother-in-arms, Aaron.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head describing Aaron. I served on the same team with Aaron for almost 5 years and there isn't a day that goes by that something doesn't remind me of him, or the thought "I wish Aaron was here". Thank you for you the excellent post!